Boys rushed to hospital suffering hallucinations after alleged drug use

Police are warning the community about the dangers of using illicit drugs after two boys, aged as young as 10 and 11, were rushed to hospital after smoking what police believe was marijuana laced with ice.

In a statement, police said the two boys were found by a member of the public near a skate park at Lake Haven.

“About 12pm on Sunday 24 July, two boys aged 10 and 11 were taken to Wyong Hospital suffering what is believed to be the effects of an illicit drug, after being located by a witness near a skate park at Lake Haven,” the statement reads.


The pair were allegedly hallucinating and underwent drug testing at the hospital which detected traces of ‘ice’ in their system.

After being treated by doctors the pair were released just before 6.00pm.

An investigation into how the children got hold of the drug and circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing.

Meanwhile, police have issued a warning to young people to be aware of the dangers of using illicit drugs and the harm they can do.

“Liaison officers work closely with schools throughout the state to educate young people that.”

“All drugs are dangerous; you never know how the drugs will affect you and there is never a guarantee as to what you are taking.”