Brain cancer patient Gary Ralph allowed to quarantine at home

Queensland Health has sensationally backflipped on its controversial decision not to allow a Queensland cancer patient, who underwent brain surgery in NSW, to quarantine at his Brisbane home.

Gary Ralph and his wife Wendy Child made headlines this week after the couple were denied an exemption by Queensland Health to complete the mandatory two-week quarantine at their home instead of a hotel.

The story caused outrage across the country, with many accusing the Queensland Premier and Chief Health Officer of being “heartless”.


“How would allowing Gary and Wendy to quarantine at home, pose any threat to Queenslanders’ safety?” A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw said on the program overnight.

“Bearing in mind if you simply test positive to COVID-19 in Queensland, you’re allowed to isolate at home, aren’t you, Premier?”

Following public pressure, Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young confirmed on Friday that she had given the couple permission to go home.

“I asked one of the senior doctors at the Princess Alexandra Hospital to go and assess him last night,” she said.

“That occurred and based on that advice this morning, I’ve said he can quarantine at home.

“There are a few conditions on that. I’ve asked for an urgent COVID test to be done on him and his partner this morning.”

Dr Young said if the test results come back negative, both Gary and Wendy would be taken to their home via ambulance.

“I didn’t want to discharge him from our care to a situation that was unsafe for him,” she said.