How one Gold Coaster is trying to stop the second biggest killer in Australia

“Your brain is … forgetting to work your organs, so you die of organ failure.”

Dementia affects around 26,000 Australians, and is the second leading cause of death in the country. Now, Gold Coaster Greg “Kell” Kelly, who has the disease himself, has a clear plan to stop dementia from destroying more lives.

Kell believes that if the top 500 countries in Australia commit to donating just half of a percent of their profits towards research of the top 10 most devastating diseases in Australia – including dementia – we could cure them all, or at least go a long way towards it.

Kell has now begun to ride on his Harley Davidson across Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America in an effort to get the attention of those with the power to help. He tells his story in the video below.


‘Kell’s Ride’ – A Documentary by Elizabeth McLeish from Elizabeth McLeish on Vimeo.

“When they diagnosed me they said it was a terminal illness and I sorta looked at it and said ‘Well I’m a smart man’,” Kell says.

“I didn’t know that you die from dementia. And they said, basically, the average worldwide with young onset dementia is 8 years.

“I asked for more information and they said, well basically in five or six years you won’t know your family. The next two years after that your brain is forgetting who your family and friends are, but your brain is also forgetting to work your organs so you die of organ failure,” he said.

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