BraveArt Graffiti To Protect Kids

FORGET Bieber’s spray can antics – Bravehearts has teamed up with 40/40 Creative and Gold Coast City Council to create street art with a difference.

With Council footing the paint bill and 40/40 donating its time and artistic skills – a tired sports wall at Galleon Park in Currumbin Waters has been transformed into an edgy graffiti-styled work of art.

The drive behind the initiative is to build better public awareness for a safer community for kids as Bravehearts connects with youth in urban spaces.


Frequented by families and kids, the wall has added some colour and flair to the park – emblazoned with Bravehearts ‘protect kids’ message.

It is the first time a Gold Coast charity has worked with local government and a design agency to create awareness and inspire change in a public space.

Bravehearts Founder and CEO Hetty Johnston said protecting kids is the job of the entire community.

“It’s amazing to see a big ‘protect kids’ call to action in a public space and hopefully it will encourage parents to have a discussion with their children about personal safety,” she said.

graffiti bravehearts“Bravehearts relies on community support and kudos must go to 40/40 Creative and Councillor Chris Robbins for working with us to create a first of its kind in the city.”

Gold Coast City Council Division 14 Councillor Chris Robbins, gave the renewed wall a tick of approval.

“The wall has long been the target of graffiti and vandalism and this transformation is a wonderful example of community-inspired street art that sends a positive message about child protection,” she said.

With rain falling throughout the day, the 40/40 team wasted little time in preparing and zapping their new canvas with an array of bright colours and a picture of a small child holding a paint brush in one hand and the iconic Bravehearts purple balloon in the other.

“We wanted to create something vibrant and also an artwork that would stand the test of time,” said 40/40 Creative Director Nick Nichols.

“40/40 is about connecting culture via creative expression and we loved working with Bravehearts to get the message out there about such an important topic.”