Bravehearted local empowers 74,000 Aussie kids in child abuse fight

If you think one person can’t make a difference, you obviously haven’t heard of the Gold Coast’s famous ‘Mowerman’.

Claude Harvey has spent eleven years pushing his lawn mower around Australia to raise money for local anti-child abuse advocate Bravehearts.

This week he is expecting to see the one millionth coin drop into his collection tin.


“When I started this I promised Bravehearts I would reach $1m in donations, and that’s what I am about to do,” Mr Harvey told myGC.

The 71-year-old grandfather set off from the Tweed on Monday, crossing the border to head north to Hope Island.

He’s taking a week to walk the distance, meeting plenty of locals along the way and stopping for a chat, before turning around and heading back.

You can track the progress by following Claude ‘The Mowerman’ Harvey on Facebook.

Mr Harvey is just a few thousand dollars shy of the major milestone and is expecting to hit his target on the journey south.

“I plan to celebrate hitting the $1m mark on Burleigh Hill next week,” he said.


When asked why he has chosen to take on such a selfless task, Mr Harvey explains that education surrounding child abuse is close to his heart.

“I knew two girls who were aged three and four when they were sexually abused,” he said.

“I was recently told that I have raised enough money to educate 74 thousand kids in Australia.

“But, I’m not going to give up just because I have reached $1m,” he declares before outlining his next trek, which will take him through rural Victoria.

Head to the Bravehearts website for more information about how you can educate your own children.