BREAKING: 3-day lockdown for Brisbane over ‘significant community transmission’

The Greater Brisbane area is being plunged into a three-day lockdown, with four more community transmission cases diagnosed overnight.

From 5.00 pm tonight, everyone in Brisbane, Logan, the Redlands, Moreton Bay and Ipswich will be confined to their homes for three straight days.

Schools will close, and people will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons including for food, exercise, essential work and medical reasons.


It comes as the Brisbane cluster grows to seven overnight, with four more people testing positive.

“The initial two gentlemen and now a brother of one of those that we think could be that link between the PA doctor who was infectious two weeks ago and this cluster, then we have two colleagues of the second new case who have tested positive yesterday and one of those people was in Gladstone for three days while they were infectious so we’re working very closely there to identify venues that person was at,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said.

“Then very late last night I was notified of another case who happens to be a nurse working in the COVID ward. She did some shifts there.

“But I’m not sure that’s where she’s acquired it. We will have to wait for genome sequencing results that we should get back late together or tomorrow morning which will make it clear. 

“Her sister is also positive and we are not sure whether the transmission has happened there. 

They have recently been in Byron Bay during their infectious period,” Doctor Young said.

The strict lockdown conditions don’t just apply for those five local government areas, with anyone who’s been in the Brisbane area since March 20 also urged to follow the lockdown rules.

“If your home is normally outside Brisbane, you have come into Brisbane to work for the day, as we know a lot of people do, of course, you can then return to your home but anyone who has been in that Greater Brisbane area since Saturday, 20 March, is now required to follow those same requirements, that is to stay wherever they are except for those four reasons,” Doctor Young said.

Because of some of the new infections travelling to either Gladstone or Byron Bay, the rest of Queensland is also getting a fresh set of restrictions.

From 5.00 pm tonight, home gatherings will be limited to 30 people around the state, while people are also being urged to wear masks in settings that they can’t guarantee social distancing.

For the rest of the state outside the five local government areas that make up greater Brisbane I am asking that you wear a mask when you can’t physically distance when you are inside and in public transport,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said.

“They are important risk areas. So if people could all, please, get out those masks that I know you have. There is not a requirement to wear a mask outside, particularly if you can socially distance,” Doctor Young said.

Aged care facilities, hospitals and prisons will have visitor restrictions brought in, while all pubs and restaurants must ensure that patrons are seated.

The Premier says she knows this is very hard news to hear, but it’s incredibly necessary to try and limit the spread of community transmission.

A review will be conducted on Wednesday night, to see if the lockdown can be lifted in time for the Easter break.

This is a huge job now that we have to do because we’ve got more of this community transmission,” Premier Annastacia Palasczuk said.

“I know this will mean some disruption to people’s lives but we’ve done this before and we’ve got through it over those three days in the past and if everyone does the right thing I’m sure that we will be able to get through it again.”

The Prime Minister has agreed to halve our international arrivals into hotel quarantine as well.

Queensland Health authorities are expected to provide more information throughout the day, particularly regarding venues of concern.

A list of affected areas is being regularly updated here.

The Health Minister is also getting in touch with NSW authorities over concerns the virus may have been able to spread in Byron Bay.

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Another QLD lockdown and border closure before a key holiday period in 3…2….1……

Yeh dont worry mate you can do whatever you like today up to 5pm because the virus wont affect you until then.

Absolutely, no virus until 5pm and make that Qld time too… as half of Brisbane pulls their kid out of school early now and packs up to p*** off to the GC, Tweed & Byron for 3 days.

So lockdown, and fear mongering are the orders of the days, for a very minor outbreak .If we could concentrate on getting the vaccine out to a lot more of the vulnerable people that would be more useful

Thats not part of their agenda. Its all about control and as you say creating fear amongst the plebs.

Their agenda.. Really. Which one Agenda 21 is supposed to be in full swing by now. But they have conveniently changed the date “Again” because we have reached the original date “They claimed the NWO would take over”

So no ferries to North stradbroke which is Moreton Bay then?

Does anyone know if you can use the highway as normal if you’re not from the area. But driving GC to Noosa for example..

For those that have had their interstate Easter travel plans ruined, you can always travel locally and contribute to the state economy. You can fly to Cairns for a measly $1000 per person this weekend. Hotel will only set you back $2000 for 3 nights. Great deals to be had, definitely going to entice travellers and provide that all important boost the travel industry needs. Just dont go to Brisbane otherwise you will catch covid.

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I guess we can lock down the state as of today as there aren’t any footy matches on.