‘Man with knife’ triggers emergency situation at Brisbane Airport

UPDATE AT 01:40 AM | POLICE have confirmed the man who triggered an emergency situation at the Brisbane International Airport on Saturday night is believed to live “in the Gold Coast area”.

A second emergency situation was declared in Surfers Paradise after a vehicle thought to be connected to the man was found parked in the Bruce Bishop Carpark.

In a press conference outside Brisbane Airport, police said the incident was related to domestic violence, not terrorism.


“We believe this is a domestic related-incident. There is absolutely no evidence to indicate that this is related to terrorism,” police said.

It’s understood the man was brandishing a knife in the International Terminal and claimed to have explosives.

“The person of interest, whilst a resident of Australia, originates from outside Australia, we believe from the Middle East area,” police said.

“We had an officer who could speak a language consistent with this person engage with him and whilst there was earlier confrontation with the man, we were able to resolve it peacefully.”

The man was arrested and was last night being interviewed by detectives at a Brisbane police station.

When asked about the ‘suspicious item’ the man was seen carrying into the terminal, police said, “we had concerns that this may have been an explosive device (but) it turned out that is not the case.”

“But certainly the presentation of the device and his demeanour certainly gave us cause for concern and that is why the place was evacuated and our specialist police came in.

“We considered it quite important to evacuate the airport and make sure we could render everything safe and having done that we have no reopened the airport.

“We have a number of people who were witnesses giving us statement at the moment. That includes people known to the man and this has been quite a traumatic event for those people.”

Police confirmed there were children involved in the incident and said the man at the centre of the ordeal is believed to live in the Gold Coast area.

“We believe this man may well live down there (on the Gold Coast) and certainly, because of his demeanour, we have made a decision that we are going to check everything,” police said.

“While we suspect nothing will be likely found in the vehicle (on the Gold Coast), we are going to make sure we examine it to make sure it is safe.”

Parts of Surfers Paradise were also placed into lockdown for more than three hours after a car, thought to be connected to the man, was found in the Bruce Bishop Carpark.

Hundreds of patrons poured onto the street as police established an exclusion zone and evacuated hotels and bars located directly beside or behind the carpark.

The bomb squad arrived on the scene shortly before 12.30 AM and, after spending an hour combing through the carpark, declared the area safe about 1.40 AM.

If you are in immediate danger call 000 now.  If you require advice or assistance, the following services offer counselling and support.
Lifeline 24/7 telephone crisis support 13 11 14
DV Connect Queensland Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 phone 1800 811 811
1800RESPECT 24/7 phone 1800 737 732
Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast

UPDATE AT 11:05 PM | BRISBANE International Airport has announced it will soon reopen following tonight’s earlier domestic violence-related incident.

“We have been given the all clear by Police to reopen the terminal,” Brisbane Airport said in a statement at 11:00 PM.

“Operational staff will return first, followed by passengers. It will take some time to get operations back to normal. There will be flight impacts. We appreciate your patience.”

The Emergency Situation that was declared under the Public Safety and Preservation Act was revoked just before 11pm.

UPDATE AT 10:40 PM | THE emergency situation at Brisbane Airport was domestic violence-related not related to terrorism, police have confirmed.

One man was arrested and has been taken a police station for questioning following an incident in the International Airport.

The Queensland Police Service has confirmed specialist officers police remain at the airport with “clearance checks of the International Terminal on-going”.

“We can confirm members of the public and workforce evacuated from the affected area (Departures Terminal – International Airport) when the incident first unfolded,” police said in a statement.

“There is no evidence to suggest the incident at the International Airport is terrorism related, it is a domestic violence related situation.”

It’s understood specialist police shot a man – who was allegedly seen brandishing a knife – with non-lethal rounds before taking him into custody.

An emergency situation declared shortly before 9pm remains in place.

UPDATE AT 10:00 PM | SPECIALIST police have taken a man into custody following an incident at the Brisbane International Airport, the Queensland Police Service has confirmed.

“Police are currently conducting clearance searches of the International Terminal,” the Queensland Police Service said in a statement at 9:44 PM.

Police said there had been “no reported injuries to any members of the public or police”. They are yet to confirm or deny earlier reports that officer’s shot a man brandishing a knife. More below.

There are unconfirmed reports suggesting the incident may have been domestic violence-related.

An Emergency Situation declared shortly before 9pm remains in place.


UPDATE AT 9:40 PM | POLICE have reportedly shot a man brandishing a knife at Brisbane Airport and claiming to have explosives.

According to The Courier Mail, the suspect walked into the International Airport carrying a metal box with wires exposed and claimed to be carrying a bomb.

The International Airport has been contained by specialist police, the terminal has been evacuated, and trains have been stopped. More below.

UPDATE at 9:30 PM | POLICE have declared an emergency situation at Brisbane Airport and are pleading with members of the public to avoid the international terminal.

In a post on Twitter at 9:21pm, the Queensland Police Service said the international airport has been contained by specialist police.

Witnesses have reported seeing a man brandishing a knife in the public food court. Police are yet to comment on the nature of the incident. More below.

FIRST at 9:00 PM | AN Emergency Situation has been declared at Brisbane Airport following reports of a bomb threat.

The Queensland Police Service released a statement at 8:58pm, confirming an emergency situation had been declared at the airport under the Public Safety Preservation Act.

The International Terminal has been evacuated and trains have been stopped.

The Australian Federal Police and Queensland Police are in attendance. Ambulances have also been dispatched to the scene.

Witnesses have reported “a man running around the international terminal with knives and threatening to blow up the airport”.

Others have reported hearing screams coming from within the passenger lounge of the international terminal.


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