Motorway repaired, traffic flowing freely after Friday’s tanker explosion

UPDATE @ 7am Saturday: The drive from the Gold Coast to Brisbane is finally back to normal, after crews cleared the charred wreckage of a burnt-out tanker.

The Coogee Chemicals truck had 15,000 litres of hydrochloric acid on board when it erupted into flames on the M1 at Loganholme around 8.40am on Friday.

The driver managed to jump free of the vehicle before it turned into a fireball.


Authorities praised him for acting quickly and pulling off the motorway after noticing fire beneath the tanker.

It led to extreme traffic chaos well into the afternoon.

A damaged southbound lane was repaired overnight with the motorway now back to normal.

FRIDAY: Tolls will be waived in both directions on the Logan Motorway from the M1 (Loganlea toll point) to the Gateway merge (Kuraby toll point) until 6pm today to help alleviate traffic delays caused by a tanker fire on the M1 this morning.

Acting Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Steven Miles said waiving the tolls would help keep motorists moving while emergency services continue recovery efforts at the accident site.

“We understand the frustrations of being caught in traffic and we thank those motorists who were affected this morning for their patience,” Mr Miles said.

“While the northbound lanes of the M1 have reopened this morning, police advise traffic will be disrupted for much of the afternoon and the southbound lanes will remain closed for some time.

“To help get the network moving again we’ve waived tolls on the Logan Motorway from the M1 to the Gateway merge until 6pm.

“Anyone thinking of travelling between the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Logan this afternoon is advised to take these travel disruptions into account and plan accordingly.”

The tanker, which was carrying 15,000 litres of hydrochloric acid, burst into flames in the southbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway, near the Logan Hyperdome, around 8.40am.

The driver was forced to jump for his life when he saw the flames in the truck’s mirrors. Luckily, he managed to escape just in time, without injury.

An operation to remove the tanker is currently underway, with an emergency declaration still in place in the area.

EARLIER @ 9.35am: Police have declared an emergency situation after a tanker carrying 15,000 litres of hydrochloric acid caught fire on the M1 at Logan.

The tanker burst into flames in the southbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway, near the Logan Hyperdome, around 8.40am.

Police made a declaration under the Public Safety Preservation Act at 9.20am and southbound lanes are currently closed, and are expected to remain closed for most of the afternoon.

The northbound lanes of the M1 have since reopened at Loganholme.

People in the immediate vicinity are being asked to stay indoors and anyone with breathing difficulties have been urged to have medication or breathing aids with them.

Police have warned that the M1 southbound lanes will be closed for several hours while crews remove all of the liquid in the truck.

The company that owns the truck, Coogee Chemicals, has released a statement expressing its relief that no one was injured in the accident and apologising for the massive disruption the incident has caused.

“Coogee Chemicals confirms that one of the trucks caught fire on the M1 at Loganholme this morning.

“The truck contained 15,000 litres of hydrochloric acid.

“The driver has been checked for smoke inhalation but has been released.

“Coogee Chemicals’ incident response team is site and working with emergency services to resolve the issue.

“The company is relieved that no-one has been injured in the incident but is concerned about disruption or distress to local residents, businesses and passersby.”

PHOTO: Supplied to myGC

EARLIER @ 9.00am: An emergency operation is currently underway after a tanker carrying a volatile substance caught fire on the M1 at Logan.

The tanker burst into flames in the southbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway, near the Logan Hyperdome, around 8.40am.

All southbound lanes are currently closed, with traffic being diverted off at the Bryant Road exit.

Police said that the northbound lanes may also be required for emergency services, with drivers warned to expect lengthy delays in both directions.

People in nearby businesses have also been told to evacuate as a precaution.

Queensland Ambulance confirmed the driver of the tanker escaped unharmed.

More to come.

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OMG, This is so Bad! Sorry for all those people stuck! Been Down That Road Before!