BREAKING: Gold Coast Marathon cancelled due to lockdown

In another major blow to major events on the Gold Coast, this weekend’s Gold Coast Marathon has been cancelled.

It’s the second year in a row that COVID has claimed the iconic event.

It follows the announcement of a three-day lockdown across southeast Queensland starting from 6pm on Tuesday night.


With the lockdown not due to finish until 6pm Friday, just hours before the Marathon weekend was to get underway, organisers say the shutdown has made things too difficult for them to proceed.

“It is with the utmost regret that due to the three-day lockdown enforced by the Queensland Government to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, Events Management Queensland has been left with no choice but to cancel the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon.

 “The ongoing health risks, impacts on workforce/volunteers, disruptions to travel and uncertainty ahead dictated drastic action to ensure there were no further threats to the health and wellbeing of participants, stakeholders and the wider Gold Coast community.

 “This decision has not been made lightly given the experience of the 2020 cancellation and comes with heartfelt disappointment from the team at Events Management Queensland.”

Just yesterday organisers said the event would still go ahead despite new restrictions being announced.