Gold Coast school locked down after alleged threat

UPDATE @ 2.00PM: The lockdown at Helensvale State School has now been lifted.

Police have wrapped up their investigations at the school after they were notified of two threats this morning.

The lockdown was lifted just after 1.30pm with parents allowed to take their kids home from school early.


Police are continuing to look into the threats.

Earlier @ 1:00PM: Police have confirmed two messages left on the answering service at Helensvale State School overnight is what has triggered the lockdown.

Inspector Karen Shaw says they were called at 9.30am as a result of threats.

“Upon arrival here the school was placed into lockdown by the Education Department and it remains so while the CPIU investigators determine the validity of the threats that have been made,” Inspector Shaw said.

“There’s no direct threat to students or to any parents at the school here, however, procedures are in place for the school to be in lockdown and whilst we continue our investigations that will remain the case.”

Police say the kids are safe and are all doing fine.

“All have been fed, watered, they’re in an air-conditioned classroom and are being offered comfort breaks.”

Inspector Shaw says it will be up to the school and Education Department when the lockdown is lifted.

PHOTO | by Monique St Clair, myGC

Parents were sent a message this morning saying that the lockdown was precautionary and urged them not to attend the school.

But many parents ignored the advice.

Suzanne Averillo, whose daughter is in Year 5 said she couldn’t stay away.

“11.15 I got the first message and automatically I think ‘well, I’m going to the school, what’s happening?'”

Ms Averillo was among several parents who criticised the lack of information being given to parents.

“Well we kind of still don’t know what’s going on. We’ve just been told it’s a threat but we don’t know what, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

Ms Averillo says she is worried about her daughter and all the other students.

“Definitely, and just the fear that they’re feeling, having to stay in a shut down classroom that’s dark, hiding, it’s a huge fear.”

Prep kids going in small groups to the toilet during the lockdown. PHOTO | by Monique St Clair, myGC

Earlier @ 12.00PM: Helensvale State School insists the lockdown is “precautionary” as Police investigate a threat made to the school.

A message sent to parents assures them that all students and staff are safe.

The school has urged parents not to attend the school while it is in lockdown as they will not be able to enter school grounds.

Several Police officers remain at the school with the lockdown continuing.

Earlier @ 11.10AM: Police are investigating a threat made to a Gold Coast primary school.

The threat was reportedly made via phone to Helensvale State School at 9.31am.

It’s understood the school has been placed into lockdown.

A Police spokesperson says they are “verifying the authenticity of an alleged threat.”

Officers remain at the scene.

More to come.