More Gold Coast exposure sites identified as COVID fears grow

LATEST @ 5.30PM on 30/03/2021| The list of exposure sites on the Gold Coast has grown as fears grow of a major outbreak in the city.

There are now more than 10 venues and locations on the Gold Coast identified as places that have been visited by infected persons or their close contacts.

Anyone who has visited the venues at specific times needs to get tested and isolate until they receive a negative result.


It includes the Queensland Surf Life Saving Championships at Tugun on Sunday where hundreds of people attended.

The HOTA markets are now also on the exposure list along with some supermarkets and cafes.

Meantime Queensland Health has now updated its advice for a Tugun cafe that had been identified earlier on Tuesday.

Anyone who was at the Niche & Co Cafe between 1.40pm and 1.55pm on Friday is urged to get tested and isolate until they get a negative result after earlier advice to quarantine for 14 days was changed.

  • Friday 26 March – Niche & Co Cafe, Tugun – 1.40pm – 1.55pm
  • Friday 26 March – Chempro Chemist, Tugun – 1.55pm – 2.10pm
  • Sunday 28 March – 52 Espresso, Nobby Beach – 6.20am – 6.30am
  • Sunday 28 March – Lean Chef Kitchen, Surfers Paradise – 10am – 10.30am
  • Sunday 28 March – HOTA Markets, Bundall – 10.45am – 11.30am
  • Sunday 28 March – Surf Life Saving Championships, Tugun – 12.30pm – 2pm
  • Sunday 28 March – Epic Escape Room, Southport – 1.45pm – 3.30pm
  • Sunday 28 March – Kirra Surf, Kirra – 2.35pm – 3.05pm
  • Sunday 28 March – Woolworths, Southport Park – 3.40pm – 4pm
  • Sunday 28 March – Tugun Supermarket, Tugun – 5.20pm – 5.30pm
  • Monday 29 March – Rafiji Cafe, Mermaid Beach – 6.30am – 6.35am

Anyone who has visited the above sites at these times is urged to get tested and isolate until they receieve a negative result

LATEST @ 2.30PM on 30/03/2021| Two venues on the southern Gold Coast have been added to Queensland Health’s list of COVID-19 exposure sites.

A person with COVID visited the Niche & Co Cafe in Tugun on Friday, March 26 between 1.40pm and 1.55pm.

Anyone who visited the cafe during that time is considered a close contact and must get tested and quarantine for 14 days.

Customers of Chempro Chemist in Tugun who were in the store between 1.55pm and 2.10pm on Friday, March 26 are considered casual contacts.

Anyone who was at the chemist at that time must get tested and isolate until they receive a negative result.

Staff working at the chemist at that time have been deemed close contacts and have been forced to quarantine for two weeks.

Officials continue to trace the movements of the latest positive cases with more exposure sites expected to be added.

EARLIER | A Gold Coast tradie who worked as a male entertainer at a Byron Bay hens party is among eight new local COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Queensland today.

The Queensland Premier confirmed six of the new local cases are close contacts of confirmed cases, while two others are still under investigation.

Health authorities say there are now two distinct COVID-19 clusters, one linked to a female doctor at the Princess Alexandra Hospital who tested positive two weeks ago, and another related to a female nurse at the same hospital who was diagnosed this week.

Of today’s new cases, five are linked to the nurse and her sister who travelled to Byron Bay for a hens party while unknowingly infected with the highly contagious UK strain.

A male entertainer at the party, who is also a tradie who lives on the Gold Coast, is one of five people from the hen’s celebration who have tested positive overnight.

It’s put the Tricare Mermaid Beach nursing home on alert, after the man worked on refurbishments at the facility on Monday.

“One of the positive cases in that second cluster attended the hens party as an entertainer, and he came back and he lives in the Gold Coast and he works as a tradie, and he did go to an aged care facility on the Gold Coast,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“But every resident in that aged care facility has already been vaccinated, had their first dose… I haven’t got confirmation about whether any have received their second dose.”

The Premier said they’re currently working with the Commonwealth to “respond to that aged care facility”.

“The team down at the Gold Coast are organising to go to the facility today and vaccinate the staff of that facility,” she said.

As a result, all TriCare facilities on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane have now been placed into lockdown.

“From today ALL TriCare Brisbane and Gold Coast facilities are in full lockdown. Therefore, until further notice, NO visitors are permitted entry into these residences” the company said.

Thankfully the man did not come into contact with any residents at the aged care home while he was on site for two hours.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said she believes the Brisbane nurse acquired the infection at work, however, this is yet to be confirmed.

“So, she worked at the PA Hospital on 18 March in the COVID ward. But we now have the genome sequence result back and she has exactly the same genome – no snip is different – to a gentleman who arrived and was treated in the PA Hospital and was tested on 22 March,” Dr Young said.

“So, my hypothesis – and this all has to be tested – is that she has acquired the infection when at work that night.

“Now, I don’t know whether she’s got it directly from that patient, because she wasn’t working with COVID cases that night, but we have to confirm that, or whether she’s got it from someone else in the hospital.”

The State’s top doctor has refused to rule out whether or not the Brisbane lockdown will be extended to the Gold Coast, now that a confirmed case has been detected here.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Dr Young said she will make a decision once contact tracers have been able to work out exactly where the infected tradie has been.

I need to see what venues have been involved in other parts of the state and whether we have any transmission in those venues before we look there,” she said.

Dr Young has now also mandated that only health workers who have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination can work in COVID wards across the state.

“So, as of tomorrow, I will mandate, as I have been saying now for several weeks to the hospital and health services, that only people who have had their first dose of the vaccine, whether it be Pfizer or AstraZeneca, can work directly with confirmed cases of COVID,” Dr Young said.

Two returned travellers from Papua New Guinea have also tested positive in hotel quarantine in the past 24 hours.

It brings the number of active virus cases currently being treated in Queensland hospitals to 78.

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She talks about nurse being vaccinated, but that doesnt stop anyone from being infected and transmitting the virus… most of the population havent received the vaccine yet!!!!

So true, it is a complete organisational failure by our Federal Government. All Form and No Substance

I still do not know why they are bringing returned travellers with the virus into our major cities. We have Christmas Island and many other islands off our coast away from everyone. I just do not understand it, it is a no brainer. Are our pollies that dumb?

You can perceive them as being dumb, because they probably are, but what this is a result of our pollies being corrupt, self-absorbed, ignorant fools, so removed from reality that they live in their own little bubble looking after solely their interests and those of their “mates”. They don’t exist in parliament to look after your interest or wellbeing. The quicker we all realise that the sooner we can move forward and drain the swamp.

So are any of the confirmed cases actually sick? or are we talking about more confirmed cases of healthy people?

Great question. I’d also ask did the dead die OF Covid or WITH Covid. Politicians panicking as usual

Ah the stupidity of this comment would make me laugh if it wasn’t so dangerous. As it has been mentioned … countless times, it’s important to isolate and/or treat someone who is a confirmed case but not showing symptoms, as they could pass it on to a vulnerable person who would die from it. Especially this strand. Morons, morons everywhere!

Hi Kallie,
I’m a vulnerable person. My tourist dependent business has been decimated and I now struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table for my young family. Now that Jobkeeper is done with, I’m at a horrible loss as to what to do.
It seems bullying and ridicule is more mainstream than ever before – the politicians do it, the media do it, why not their fanatical followers. I personally prefer openness, clarity, integrity, freedom of speech, respect for differences and healthy debate.

Agreed. This is a virus that kills virtually nobody unless they have co- morbidities. The flu kills more. I’m 70 and am happy to take my chances.

They’ve never been concerned with how sick someone is. It’s the same hysteria regardless. Case mania.

If this so call virus was so deadly and contagious we would all have it by now no questions asked but it seems to only affect a few unlucky humans 😂

Your attitudes would soon change if one of your family died from it. The grave is never satisfied in this life don’t be so sure of yourself youc***y fools.

More people have died from the flu, heart disease motor vehicle accidents. It’s columns like the above talking about fear that makes people like you believe this is a deadly disease.

There’s no point getting angry and abusive towards people whose opinion differs from yours, the thing is we can’t lock down the whole country forever so that people won’t get sick, it’s physically not doable not to mention it would be completely inhumane. People get sick and if they have underlying issues they die too. I worked with people long enough to know that we lost more people from the flu every year if you’d like to research it further, even mainstream news said as uncharted about a month ago. So instead of getting abusive and bully people to think like you do research and find things out on your own.

why do we continue to let infected travelers back into the country, if we didn’t let then in we would be covid free, every out break we have is caused by a returned traveler, we are the ones who have to suffer the consequence of there actions, I don’t see how the government cant see this or don’t they want to