Qld records 9 new virus cases, six linked to detention centre

UPDATE: NINE new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Queensland today as the state desperately works to prevent a second wave of the virus.

Of those, six are linked to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre where a 77-year-old Ipswich woman worked while infectious.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said there were now seven cases associated with the Youth Detention Centre.


“Our staff have been working overnight to start the mammoth effort of contact tracing required to help contain this outbreak,” she said.

While today’s three other cases are crew members on ships off the coast of Townsville and Mackay, who have since been transferred to hospital.

“We are not worried about the crew members on the ships because they are being taken care of and there they are no concern to us,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

Of the cases linked to the detention centre cluster, five are staff members who live in Bundamba, Marsden, Carindale, North Ipswich and Forest Lake and two are relatives of the employees.

As a result of the outbreak in the south east, urgent extra protection measures have now been put into place.

Effectively immediately, home and outdoor gatherings in areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Moreton Bay and Redlands have been reduced to just ten to limit the spread of the virus.

Aged care homes in those areas have also been placed back into lockdown, with visitors being restricted.

“This is a very significant issue and we need people to take it seriously,” Dr Young said.

In other parts of Queensland, including the Gold Coast, indoor and outdoor gatherings have been limited to 30 people.

However, businesses like cafes, restaurants and gyms with COVID-Safe plans in place will not be affected.

“While we are keeping a watch on commercial venues, they have COVID Safe plans in place and measures to contact trace people if required,” Dr Young said.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it’s extremely important anyone who feels sick this weekend stays home and gets tested immediately.

“What we are concerned about is that people, these people have been out and about in the community so what we also need are Queenslanders to realise, especially in South East Queensland, is that if you have any symptoms whatsoever, we need you to get tested now,” the Premier said.

To find your nearest fever clinic, click here.

Ms Palaszczuk confirmed she expected the cluster at the detention centre to grow as more people are tested over the weekend.

“This is a very important time especially over the next couple of days and of course, we do expect there could be even more cases linked to this cluster. But we will not know those until the further results come in,” she said.

There are now 15 active cases across the whole state.

Queensland Health is expected to release further information about public health alerts over the weekend.

EARLIER: There’s reports this morning that a number of new coronavirus cases have been linked to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre where a worker tested positive earlier this week.

Queensland Health confirmed the 77-year-0ld Ipswich woman worked five shifts at the Wacol facility while infectious.

She was diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday and remains in hospital.

It’s understood multiple new infections have now been identified at the detention centre, with health authorities expected to provide an update today.

More than 500 workers and 127 residents are now being tested for the virus, with 56 results so far coming back negative.

No further details are available at this time.

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We need to go into lockdown now – why are our state borders still open ???

This border bubble with northern NSW needs to be sealed immediately.

we need to close our borders within all states as this virus go in somehow – QLD has been Covid free for sometime and we need to keep it that way.

we need to move to Level 4 lockdown NOW

Agree we need to go into lockdown down NOW – the entire state.

This is about saving life’s!!!!!!!!!!!

we need to seal our borders with all states and keep Covid out of our great state.

As the premier has said Queenslanders first, Australians second.

There are so many Indian shops and restaurants open all over Gold Coast and Brisbane. These people are not social distancing and are far worse than the Chinese tourists and residents. It is these immigrant communities that are spreading the virus through the city.

“In other parts of Queensland, including the Gold Coast, indoor and outdoor gatherings have been limited to 30 people”. How accurate is that statement, as there is no mention of it on the QLD Health website. Only the 10 people in the Brisbane etc areas.

I agree with this too! I cannot find mention of the Gold Coast,

Actually her tweet says all other areas.

How come we are not in lockdown???

why are our borders partially open with a loophole for virus ridden border residents from Tweed.

We need to lockdown now if we want to avoid becoming another Victoria

To all those screaming for knee j*** lockdowns – are you willing to pay my bills and wages while I have no income from the lockdown??????

This is about savings life’s!!!!!!!

there is no economy if all of Queensland is dead

Evidently you missed the 98+% recovery rate. Aged care/vulnerable, yes lock down, but not the general population. The general population will survive.

It is because the it is wrong to detain refugees.

We need to have a massive lock down and total closure of everything. We need a six week total lock down. The pandemic has spread into the community. I can hear people coughing in my apartment complex. You can hear our neighbour coughing all night. Surfers Paradise needs to be quarantined immediately. There has been so many foreigners from Asia and Europe wondering around the city spreading the virus. We are all facing a major crisis if we do not lock down right away. Good luck!