BREAKING NEWS: Drugs are bad

A FEW years ago I went with a friend to visit her cousin who was studying at Oxford University in England.

As we were wandering around the gorgeous town I said to the cousin: So, is there much of a drug problem here?

The cousin replied, in all seriousness: No, you can get pretty much anything you want.


It was then I realised that, as a journalist who had spent years listening to reports of rampaging druggies on the police scanner, I had crossed over to the other, less ‘cool’ side.

The point of this little story is drugs are not just bad for you – they are bad for all of us.

The same people who bitch about police dogs sniffing them in nightclubs or for being arrested for just a small quantity of ‘recreational drugs’ probably also bitch about their safety while out on the town.

Alcohol-fuelled violence is overshadowing the real problem on the Gold Coast – the easy access to steroids and methamphetamines.

Research has shown mixing meth and alcohol can cause dramatic changes in mood and behaviour, with an increasing tendency towards violence, impulsiveness and irritability.

Add a bit of roid rage and, congratulations, you have made yourself a human bomb.

‘Recreational’ drugs – surely the most ridiculous term ever coined.

Anyone can make speed and are making it at this very moment in dodgy and dangerous homemade labs in a suburban house or a high rise apartment near you.

So every time your mate jokes about taking some speed or cocaine and having a fantastic weekend think about where the network that drug came from – drug supplier, drug cook, drug smuggler, perhaps an organised crime group or outlaw bikie gang to oversee it all or a deadly international drug ring.

Then there are the addicts who can’t afford to keep up with their habit who break into people’s homes or wander the street bashing and robbing people.

Or those now so messed up by meth they turn into monsters – check out a hospital ER on a Saturday night or a mental health unit.

The cost to society is enormous and it is not just the stereotypical junkie to blame.

It is anyone who helps create and support the market.



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