BREAKING | No lockdown in Qld, next 24 hours ‘critical’

The South East has managed to dodge yet another COVID-19 lockdown despite the state recording five new local cases today.

One of the infections is the 13-year-old student from Saint Thomas More College in Sunnybank who was reported yesterday.

The other four cases are all from the same family, living in two separate households.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has described today’s outcome as “absolutely really good news” but stressed a lockdown may still be on the cards if cases continue to grow.

“So I know there’s a lot of concern amongst the community about whether there is there a lockdown today,” the Premier began.

“There is no lockdown today but in the next 24 to 48 hours we’ll be closely monitoring the situation and if we start seeing any seeding, then we may have to take very quick, fast action.”

Health authorities praised the actions of the teenage girl’s mother, who took her daughter to get tested at the sign of simply a headache.

“Can I just commend that mother,” Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said.

“So her daughter had a headache. I’m a mother. I know my kids have headaches and issues and all the rest of it. So to have immediately gone out and got her daughter tested and her daughter’s tested positive, to get that so quickly means we can respond,” Dr Young said.

“The mother did go to work at the Nathan campus at Griffith University on Wednesday but saw very few people.

“We’re quite comfortable there… And because we’ve got this so early we’ve got it in in the first generation of cases”.

Dr Young said in more encouraging news, authorities believe they have tracked down the source of the girl’s infection, which is confirmed to be the highly contagious Delta variant.

“The best that we can see is it’s linked to cases in New South Wales,” the State’s top doctor said.

“So the father, who these children saw on Fathers’ Day, actually had a visitor from New South Wales stay with him overnight on Fathers’ Day.

“Then those children have gone back to their mother who lives in a separate household with the children and the mother’s become infected, so five people infected.

“We’re now urgently working with New South Wales colleagues because this gentleman who was visiting has gone back to New South Wales.”

The man is yet to be tested, with investigations also underway into whether he was permitted to be in Queensland.

“He stayed there for the one night, so we don’t have other information at the moment, we know who he is, so I’ve been speaking with my colleague interstate to get him tested urgently,” Dr Young said.

“We have been doing interviews since late last night”.

More than 1000 families from the teenage girl’s school have now been forced into quarantine for 14 days.

The Premier is urging anyone across the South East with symptoms, no matter how mild, to come forward and get tested.

“This is the time we need everyone to step up,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“If you are going into a shopping centre, you must wear your mask. If you are going into cafes and restaurants, you must check-in.

“We absolutely need Queenslanders, if anyone has any symptoms whatsoever to go and get tested.”

The Premier added that there is now a “sense of urgency” for people to get vaccinated because “we are seeing these clusters that pop up”.

“It is just across our border and we’ve seen how easy it is for it to get across our border, whether it’s a freight driver or a visitor from New South Wales,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“That’s why we have tough border measures in place but we can’t stop everything so we need Queenslanders to play their part and I know they absolutely will do that.”

A public health alert has been issued for a number of venues in Acacia Ridge, Rocklea, Salisbury, Brisbane East, Upper Mt Gravatt, MacGregor, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills and Nathan.

The full list of exposure sites can be found here.