Thrillseekers evacuated from stalled roller coaster at Gold Coast theme park

UPDATE 12:45PM | THRILLSEEKERS have safely been evacuated from a roller coaster which stalled mid-ride at Sea World on the Gold Coast earlier this afternoon.

Eight people became stranded on the Storm Coaster when their cart stopped abruptly on a steep slope shortly before midday. Scroll down for photos and videos.

Emergency services spent more than 30 minutes retrieving the passengers from their seats. Rescuers were seen walking people down an emergency staircase, one-by-one.


No one was injured.

EARLIER: A RESCUE operation is underway at Sea World on the Gold Coast where emergency services are attempting to retrieve several thrillseekers trapped on a broken down roller coaster.

The Storm Coaster came to an abrupt halt mid-ride shortly before midday.

Emergency services are working to free at least eight people who are still stuck in a cart which came to a sudden stop on a steep slope.

Rescuers can be seen evacuating the thrillseekers one-by-one and walking them down an emergency staircase.

Fortunately, there are no reports of any injuries.