BREAKING: Qld’s border restrictions to lift to all of NSW

The Queensland Premier has this morning confirmed that our state borders will again be torn down.

From February 1, the restrictions keeping out the Greater Sydney area will be lifted, meaning we have no borders to anywhere in the country.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed the news on The Today Show this morning.


“It’s a great time for families to be reunited but also too for people to plan their holidays.

“If you’re in New South Wales or Victoria and you’re thinking about having a holiday, everyone is here and ready to welcome you with open arms and a friendly smile,” the Premier said.

It comes as New South Wales goes ten days without a new case of community transmission, even longer without a case that can’t be linked to a certain cluster.

Greater Sydney will have relaxed gathering restrictions and mask rules from this Friday, with the NSW Premier confirming yesterday that restrictions will relax further in two weeks time.

Queensland authorities are expected to reveal more information later this morning.

The federal government is also due to make an announcement today regarding our national border with New Zealand.

Our travel bubble was suspended for three days after a fresh case of the virus popped up in the community earlier this week.

There are concerns that the suspension may be extended after another two cases were detected in people who had already left hotel quarantine.

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About time, shame the premier had to announce it with her typical smugness, like she is doing us a favor.

I wonder how many days of ‘freedom’ we will get this time, hopefully we can beat 20…

Yes get in quick as won’t be long before she shuts it down again.
Don’t plan an Easter interstate trip to soon.

Why dont all you whinging southerners go back to where you come from and stay there.

randy try living on the border and see if you wouldnt whinge there has been no need for the border she lifted it last time only because the election was on and then put it back on so no points to her for caring about anyone

I feel for you mate. I’m just having a joke.