BREAKING: Qld’s mask and gathering restrictions to lift early

Queensland will return to normal earlier than expected, with the Premier announcing an easing of restrictions from tomorrow.

After two weeks of the whole state wearing masks and adhering to tight gathering restrictions, they will be reverted back to ‘norma’ from 6.00 am tomorrow.

That’s six hours earlier than when the restrictions were due to be lifted.


I had a meeting this morning with Doctor Young and Health Minister and I can advise that the easing of our restrictions will be from 6.00 am tomorrow morning,” the Premier announced this morning.

“So that’s wonderful news. It was originally scheduled for 12:00 but Dr Young said there are no issues with a lifting at 6.00 am.”

It means that Queenslanders won’t be required to carry and wear masks when they’re inside. Masks will still be required at the airport and on planes.

If you’re going into a crowded area in a shopping centre or something or public transport and you can’t socially distance, have your mask and if you feel like putting it on, please feel free to do that,” the Premier said.

Families will be able to be reunited, with visits to hospitals, aged care facilities and disability facilities to return.

Home gatherings can go back to 100 people limits, while outdoor gatherings will go one step further and have no limit unless it’s a music event that requires a Covid-safe plan.

Ticketed events at stadiums will go back to 100 per cent capacity.

The Premier has also used the announcement to remind businesses around the state to start using the government’s Check In App.

It’s being mandated state-wide from May 1.

Meantime, there have been no new local cases diagnosed in Queensland overnight, but there were two new cases diagnosed in hotel quarantine.

51 active infections are being treated around the whole state.

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WoW thankyou!
Anzac Day coming up how many days will this lockdown be for?

WoW a whole 6 hours early im that excited I can’t contain myself.
This is comes from a government that has killed babies with borders closed. And have stated that celebrities can come ii when boarders are closed because celebrities bring in $$$$$$$$ to the state. We are governed by idiots with way to many double standards

Its all F%&KEN Bulls***.

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