Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

BREAKING | Queensland to relax coronavirus restrictions

Exciting news Queensland!

The State Government has today confirmed that stay at home restrictions will be eased, following encouraging signs we are flattening the curve of COVID-19.

From midnight on Friday, we will be able to leave our homes for recreation, while the distance we can travel from our houses has also been extended to 50km.


“Because we have done such a terrific job of flattening the curve, after discussions with the Chief Health Officer, from next Friday we will be able to lift some of the stay-at-home restrictions,” Ms Palaszczuk said on Sunday.

The relaxed measures are for members of the same household only.

“This means families, so members of the same household, will be able to go for picnics, or if you are single you can go with one other person,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Other recreational activities that will be allowed from Saturday, include going for a drive, riding a motorbike, jetski or boat for pleasure, visiting a national park, and shopping for non-essential items like clothes and shoes.

But the Premier warned there are three conditions that people must continue to abide by no matter what.

Queenslanders must continue to social distance, will have to stay within 50km of home and outings are limited to members of the same household or an individual and one friend.

“People can go for a drive to a national park or a beach in their region but they still have to avoid crowds,” the Premier said.

“I know this isn’t returning life to normal again but we are still in the midst of a pandemic and we still have to be careful.”

The measures will be reviewed after two weeks and if there’s an increase in the number of new infections the restrictions will be enforced again.

“The first sign of a spike we will not hesitate to clamp back,” the Premier said.

“This is a test-run to see what effect easing restrictions has on the containment of COVID-19.

“I encourage all Queenslanders to back this first step so that we can keep the virus away and help everyone start to get their lives back.”

Health Minister Steven Miles said Queensland had earned this reward for all of its hard work.

“We have done the right thing… We have to keep doing it,” the Minister said.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young also supported the new measures.

“Before you couldn’t leave home unless it was for essential reasons like getting groceries or exercising or going to work and you had to stay in your suburb where possible,” Dr Young said.

“Now we are saying you can have more flexibility but remember we are still having to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

State Disaster Co-ordinator Steve Gollschewski said police will assist people to understand the new rules but will still enforce breaches.

“Police will be understanding but this isn’t an invitation for people to undo everyone’s hard work,” he said.

Queensland recorded just three new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the state total to a revised 1,030.

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How about looking at the scientific data and making decisions based on real data instead of fear.


Does that mean the border restrictions on gold coast/tweed heads border also. These are twin cities separated by a blade of grass

Guess nothing changes for us as we live in a regional area with no national parks, 50km to the nearest major town. Our kids still cannot go anywhere or do anything. How about addressing regional areas too, specially considering we have no community transmission in our area. Think past your nose, and consider the children. Not like they have a beach to go to out here.

Poor regional people. Boo hoo.

Time for kids to be back at school also

Are kids going to be allowed back at school