BREAKING: Queensland’s hard road borders to be resurrected tonight

Queensland’s hard borders will be rebuilt tonight, with too many people caught doing the wrong thing by the soft border checkpoints.

From 6.00am tomorrow, concrete barriers will block off the M1, the Gold Coast Highway and streets through Coolangatta to ensure all traffic has to go through police checkpoints.

It comes after the state government declared the Greater Sydney area a hotspot over the weekend, due to the growing coronavirus outbreak in the Northern Beaches area.


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Over the weekend, the border declaration system was brought back in, with police conducting random intercepts before then reintroducing soft border checkpoints from today.

But Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says it’s already clear that too many people aren’t doing the right thing, so the hard borders are coming back.

“What we are seeing is that people are now breaching and being turned around, so there will be a hard border closure which will be going in place.

“People will start to see barricades going up again this afternoon, and by 6.00am tomorrow it will be back to the strong border measures that we have seen in Queensland, that have kept Queenslanders safe.

This is important everyone, we want people to do the right thing, people will be turned around, I want to thank the police, the Police Commissioner, that is why we have taken this swift action today, because unfortunately people are doing the wrong thing and we cannot risk at,” the Premier said.

It means that anyone coming into the state from New South Wales, even if they’re a Queensland resident, will need to fill out a border declaration pass that will have to be checked on entry at the airports or the roads.

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski says there’s already been too many people turned around at the borders since the checkpoints returned early this morning.

During the period we have been doing random intercepts, we have turned around 81 persons and placed 112 into quarantine and that was up to about 10:30am.

“What is concerning is a number of those persons intercepted were displaying incorrect passes or no passes at all and were making it very clear they wanted to meet with family for Christmas purposes.

“We can’t give the community confidence we are picking everyone up that it is coming across the border, hence the need to move to a harder border closure,” Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said. 

Queensland’s health authorities have also stamped out the possibility of reopening to Sydney before the new year, with January 8 marked as the soonest review date by the Health Minister Yvette D’Ath.

Anyone hoping to come into Queensland from New South Wales has to fill out a border pass, declaring they haven’t been to the Greater Sydney area.

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