South Australia to enter lockdown, Victorians to remain housebound

South Australia is now being forced into a snap lockdown, while Victorian residents have received the news that they will remain housebound for at least another week.

The South Australian lockdown will kick in at 6.00pm tonight and last for seven days.

It comes after the state confirmed their outbreak is also the highly contagious Delta strain, with five cases now linked to the cluster.


“We have no alternative but to impose some fairly heavy and immediate restrictions to come in at 6:00pm tonight South Australia moves into lockdown,” SA Premier Steven Marshall said.

“We hate putting these restrictions in place but we believe we have one chance to get this right”.

As part of the strict lockdown, schools will be closed from tomorrow, with elective surgery and construction all put on hold.

The only reasons to leave home will be for essential work, groceries, to care for someone, and healthcare.

The news comes as Victoria’s lockdown is extended for another seven days, until at least midnight on July 27.

Stay-at-home restrictions were due to end at midnight tonight, but Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the risk of the virus outbreak is still far too high.

“Due to the current level of community transmission of COVID-19 in Victoria from the recent NSW incursions, the current lockdown will be extended and travel to Victoria using red zone permits will be temporarily paused, to ensure we run this delta outbreak to ground,” the Premier said.

“As promising as our progress has been, avoiding a NSW-style long, lengthy, very challenging lockdown, where you just lose control of cases, we have avoided that. But, we need more time.”

“That is why on the advice of the Chief Health Officer, we will extend this lockdown for a further seven days.”

The state recorded 13 new local virus cases today, four of which were already announced.

At least 12 of the cases have been linked to the current outbreak, but one case is still under investigation.

“Pleasingly, of those 13 cases, nine of those 13 were isolating 100% of their infectious period,” Premier Andrews said.

“So they were tucked away from others, no risk to public health. That is very, very promising.

“With hope that continues and develops as a trend and we see more and more days where the majority and then hopefully 100% of any new cases have been isolating for the entirety of their infectious period, that is really how we will know that we have brought this under control”.

Premier Andrews said he understands the news of extended lockdown is not what people wanted to hear, but admitted there is no other choice.

“We wish we could bring this in earlier, but we can’t run the risk that there are cases out there that we don’t know about,” he said.

“There are changes of transmission that are not yet contained that we don’t know about and if we would open up we would see how quickly this runs, we see how challenging this can become in a very short space of time.

“We need to avoid what is going on in Sydney at the moment… We are determined to do that”.

More than 49,000 people in Victoria came forward for testing in the past 24 hours.