Tactical officers injured in explosion at Sydney siege

UPDATE 3:50PM | Police have confirmed four officers were injured in an explosion during a siege in Sydney this afternoon.

Police say they were called to a unit at an apartment block on Stephen Road in Botany shortly after 11.15am.

A man had reportedly barricaded himself inside a garage at the address and was threatening self-harm.


Following concerns for the man’s welfare, police forced entry to the garage just before 3pm.

It is at this point when the man is alleged to have doused himself in petrol and set himself alight.

An explosion ripped through the garage, injuring the man and four tactical police officers.

The man and one of the injured police officers were both rushed to St George Hospital.

The officer reportedly sustained serious facial burns, while the man was left with burns to his face and back.

Two other police officers were taken to Prince of Wales Hospital with various injuries and burns, while a fourth was treated at the scene.

Inquiries into the incident are continuing.

UPDATE 3:30PM | Three police officers have been injured in an explosion at the scene of a siege in Sydney.

Tactical police were responding to a siege situation at an apartment block in Botany when they were injured.

It’s understood a man at the centre of the stand-off doused himself in petrol and set himself alight.

An explosion followed, injuring at least three police officers.

All three officers have been taken to hospital. One officer is believed to have suffered serious facial burns.

The man who ignited the petrol is believed to have suffered burns to his back and face.

He has been taken to hospital in a stable condition.

EARILER 3:00PM | A number of police officers have reportedly been injured in what has only been described as a police operation in Sydney.

Officers were reportedly responding to an incident in the seaside suburb of Botany Bay when they were injured.

There are reports at least three tactical police officers have suffered burns following an explosion.

At least one of the injured officers has been rushed to hospital with burns to his face and back.

Details surrounding the police operation remain unclear.