BREAKING | Three Titans players stood down for refusing flu shot

Three Gold Coast Titans players have reportedly been stood down for refusing to have the flu shot.

According to 9NEWS, the players are Bryce Cartwright, Nathan Peats and Brian Kelly.

However, Nathan Peats has since taken to social media to confirm he will be getting the flu vaccination this afternoon.


“Seen my name in the media regarding getting stood down for no flu jab. It has nothing to do with some other players and being anti vaccination,” Peats tweeted a short time ago.

“Myself, wife and both my sons are vaccinated. I had a bad experience in 2012 when I was at Souths when I had the flu shot, that’s my only reason behind it.

“I’ve spoken to the club and will get the jab this afternoon. I had the option to say yes or no and I chose no for that reason. If I knew it would blow up I would have said yes straight away.”

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young confirmed the three players had been stood down until further notice at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

“I’ve had a discussion with [the NRL] this morning, and they’ve stood down those three players at the moment, until we work through what it means”.

“In actual fact, they’ve done a very, very good job. All their other players, staff and officials are all vaccinated.

“That is an amazing outcome so I’m sure we’re going to be able to sort it all out. That’s all being fixed.

“They’ll be coming back to me about those three individual players. But remember that’s three players out of three teams so we’ll work that one through.”

It comes after the NRL wrote to the three Queensland based clubs this morning, informing them that all players and staff needed to have the flu shot in order to abide by the State Government’s rules around group training and playing games.

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For Peats sake! Anti-vax is such a GC stereotype, should be forced to social distance for life

yeah i dont want sheep near me either bout you respect my right to refuse like i do respect your right to have it ….selfish ignorant ……and i ask you this why do people who get all these vacines they still get f***en sick

good on you guys …..i never knew the flu and corona are the same thing ….do you remember all the crazy people saying its just the flu …..well welll well guess were not so crazy …truth is coming everyone …hint the people who have died the most …i wonder how often they had the flu shots .

Good! Everyone in the entire world unless they have had a severe allergic reaction to a previous influenza vaccine should get the flu shot every year. As a part of society it’s our responsibility to protect those who are at risk from diseases like influenza. As a pharmacist I see it as my responsibility to educate people on the importance of all vaccines.

Do not get flu shots your more exposed to the genocide that is 5G
Mr pharmacy guy I think everyone should not get vaccinated for the flu and Bill Gates should be exorcised by the Universe

Why are they being forced to have the shot? Not even allowed to have control over what goes into their body. So wrong