Passenger train crashes into packed platform at New Jersey station

UPDATE 01:00AM | A SPEEDING passenger train filled with passengers has crashed into a packed platform at a railway station in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Scroll down for photos and videos)

There are fears as many as 100 people may have been injured in the incident, details of which are still filtering into the newsroom.

The incident is believed to have involved a New Jersey Transit train and took place at Hoboken station during Thursday morning’s rush hour.


According to many witness reports, the train appeared to have smashed straight through the station at full speed.

Hoboken station is the last station on the line. An NBC reporter on the scene said the train had nowhere to go other than into the terminal building.

One local radio station cited a witness who claimed to have seen the speeding train leave the end of the tracks and plough through a line of ticket barriers before coming to rest in a reception hall.

Photos uploaded to social media show significant structural damage to the station.

There are fears of many casualties, with early reports suggesting the train was filled with passengers at the time it careered into the packed platform.

Witnesses have told local media the roof of the station has “essentially collapsed”.

Dozens of people are still believed to be trapped in the twisted wreck.

In some images posted online, people can be seen walking around the crash site, covered in blood.

It remains unclear whether the incident was a deliberate act or nothing other than a tragic accident.

No other details were immediately available at the time of writing.