BREAKING: Two new groups added to Australia’s terror list

The entirety of Hizballah and the racist neo-Nazi group The Base will be listed as terrorist organisations in Australia.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews confirmed the additional terror listings on Wednesday, saying that by doing so, it will allow criminal charges to be brought against members of the groups.

Hezbollah’s external security organisation has been listed as a terrorist organisation since 2003, however the Federal Government is now extending that to include the whole group.


“The group continues to threaten terrorist attacks and provides support to terrorist organisations,” Minister Andrews said.

“As a government, we reject extremism in all of its forms”.

Ms Andrews described The Base as a “violent, racist, neo-Nazi group” known by security agencies to be planning and preparing terrorist attacks.

“Listing these organisations sends a very strong message that Australia condemns the use of terrorism to achieve political, ideological or religious objectives,” she said.

There is currently 26 terrorist organisations listed under the country’s Criminal Code.

“We can’t be complacent… We know that there is a threat of terrorism here in Australia, and that there is a threat of terrorism right across the world,” Ms Andrews told reporters in Canberra.

“The threat in Australia remains at probable.

“That means that we have credible intelligence that there are individuals with the capability and the intent to conduct a terrorist attack here in Australia.”

The impending addition of the two terror groups brings Australia in line with other international partners, including the United States and Canada, who have already blacklisted the organisations.

“I will continue to take advice on other groups that may need to be listed in the future,” Minister Andrews said.

“I’m not here to scare people, I don’t want to frighten people, I actually want Australians to be able to go about their lives pre-covid.

“So our intention is to open those borders, but it is a timely reminder that we need to be very conscious that our threat level remains at probable.

“We should always continue to be vigilant and never complacent about the risks that we may face as we go about our daily lives.”