Two teen girls charged with murder over Surfers balcony death

Two teenage girls have been charged with the murder of a young Brisbane man, who plunged to his death from a Surfers Paradise balcony last month.

The body of Cian English, 19, was discovered at the foot of the View Pacific Resort on View Avenue in the early hours of May 23.

Police allege that he was attempting to escape a violent robbery where three men were attempting to steal clothes and mobile phones.


He had also been wounded in the arm.

Cian and his friends were reportedly invited upstairs by a second group who were also staying in the complex.

It’s alleged the other group had a large amount of prescription medication.

Police claim that the group later went to Cian’s apartment and attempted to rob him and his friend.

Footage of the incident, allegedly filmed by one of the girls and posted on social media, shows Cian attempting to protect his friend before being assaulted himself.

A subsequent video shows the moment after the 19-year-old fell from the balcony.

Jason Ryan Knowles, 22, Hayden Paul Kratzman, 20, and Lachlan Paul Soper-Lagas, 18, have already been charged with murder and armed robbery and remain behind bars.

Two girls aged 15 and 16, both from Coomera were arrested this morning and have been charged with murder, armed robbery, deprivation of liberty and torture.

“The investigations this week have led to additional video on the phone to some of the offenders which clearly show there is no remorse. Some of the post-offence conduct is reprehensible,” Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said.

“Legislation allows people to be charged with being a party to an offence, that includes aiding or encouraging an offence and that is what we will be alleging in this case.

“The girls videoed the incident and the torture on the boy, on both English and his friend, and that they took no active step or tried to disengage and it is clear they were actively encouraging.

“I think the community would expect, people that encourage this sort of behaviour are held to task that is what we are doing today.”

Image: Marcus Greig

Detective Inspector Smith expressed disbelief at the circumstances surrounding Mr English’s death.

“As a parent myself, I don’t understand how this would occur. I know if my daughter when she was 16 and she wasn’t at home I would be asking the question, where the hell is she? Why aren’t parents doing that today?

“We have a 19-year-old male who has died tragically and we have people who don’t seem to care.”

It’s also been revealed another friend of Cian was robbed of his clothing while he lay unconscious on the balcony after the 19-year-old had already died.

“We will be alleging they have seen him go over the verandah, they have looked down and saw he’s obviously deceased and then they have stolen clothing off this unconscious male on the verandah,” Det Insp Smith said. 

“It is beyond belief these people behave like this.”

Both girls fronted Southport Children’s Court earlier today.

Police have also recovered some of the clothing allegedly stolen following searches at a number of properties.

Detectives are also still investigating links between the three men and a number of pharmacy robberies across the Gold Coast and Logan.


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No mention of the fact that they shouldn’t have been staying at the property or having any sort of party due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Who rented them the apartments

What the hell are these two little girls doing out in Surfers at the time of the night???

They are not “little girls”

Yes they are they fronted children’s court this morning I know what you’re saying but the truth of the matter is they will get away with this because of their age

Charge them all as adults!

I am absolutely agree but it won’t happen the girls are already faced children’s court and will get away with it the clearly two things need to happen parents need to be charged for not giving a damn about their kids being out with the covid virus around and who fats for 16 year olds out these days to do drugs and play up until parents are held responsible named and shamed and find heavily nothing’s going to truly change

Laws should be inacted and Parents held accountable for under age misdemeanours.
Period. Parents need to be responsible for their child’s whereabouts + behaviour 24/7.