BREAKING: Victoria records another 5 Covid-19 cases

There are reports an aged care resident has tested positive in Melbourne, prompting fears the week-long lockdown will have to be extended.

Victorian Health has released today’s figures, with another five cases of community transmission.

That’s in addition to the ten new cases diagnosed over the weekend, which included an aged care worker.


Bill Shorten, the federal member for Maribyrnong which is the electorate where the aged care facility is,  has this morning told the ABC that one, maybe two cases, are residents.

“Worryingly both the staff member who recorded positive but one resident, possibly two, but one resident appears to have contracted COVID were both vaccinated in the first round.

“So it just emphasises to me and I think to everyone listening that two vaccinations is what we need and when I heard the Federal Government saying one vaccination somehow is a goal, well, as I understand it, it is only secondhand reports from the facility, but the people who are sick are actually had had a vaccination, so you need two.

“One is not enough,” Mr Shorten said.

Testing numbers have remained steady, with another 43,874 people coming forward over the last 24 hours.

There are now 54 active infections throughout the whole state. 45 of those are community transmission cases.

It’s understood the aged care worker who tested positive yesterday is yet to be linked to the cluster in north Melbourne, prompting fears the seven-day lockdown will have to be extended.

The link between the growing cluster and the man who had quarantined in South Australia is still unknown as well.

Victorian authorities are expected to provide more clarity around the new infections later this morning.

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