BREAKING: Victoria records two new local COVID-19 cases

The Victorian Government has confirmed there’s been two new COVID-19 cases detected in the community today.

It’s understood the new cases were picked up after the state’s midnight cut-off, hence why they were not included in this morning’s numbers.

Victoria’s Health Minister Martin Foley confirmed the new cases are two adult males who live in separate apartments at the Southbank Townhouse complex, where transmission of the virus has previously taken place.


As a result, both residents were identified as close primary contacts of an existing case and have fortunately been in isolation.

Their infections were confirmed today after the health unit conducted a major testing blitz on residents in the apartment complex.

“Yesterday, we had over 200 people tested over at that particular pop-up centre,” Minister Foley said.

“We’ve started to get those results this morning… I can confirm that we have been notified of two further positive cases inside that building amongst people that we have identified as primary close contacts through those testing actions yesterday”.

The Southbank apartment cluster now stands at six.

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