Shark documentary maker injured in attack off Qld island

UPDATE @ 1.45 PM | It’s been revealed a woman who was attacked by a shark in Far North Queensland today was in the state filming a shark documentary.

However in a cruel twist of fate, it was the young woman’s day off from work and she was enjoying a day out swimming off Fitzroy Island, south-east of Cairns, when she was bitten by the shark just after midday.

Flight critical care paramedic Terry Cumming said the 29-year-old sufferedleg injuries, however was thankfully in good spirits.


“She was relaxing on Fitzroy Island, she’s actually a shark documentary maker and this is her day off today,” Cumming told reporters.

The woman was treated on scene by members of the public before paramedics and a rescue chopper arrived to take over.

“She ended up with a possible fracture to her left ankle and some lacerations from the shark bite,” Cumming said.

“She was in a bit of pain, but we managed to get that under control and now she’s smiling and very happy”.

Whilst being wheeled to an ambulance before being airlifted to Cairns Hospital, the woman could be heard yelling “I still love sharks. Sharks are beautiful!”


It comes just days after a 15-year-old boy was killed after being mauled by a shark while surfing at Wilsons Headland at Wooli Beach in northern NSW on July 10.

A 36-year-old man was also fatally attacked by a suspected Great White Shark while spearfishing off Fraser Island in Queensland on July 4.

EARLIER @ 12.45 PM | Emergency crews are currently responding to reports of a shark attack in waters south-east of Cairns in far north Queensland.

It’s understood a woman, believed to be aged in her 20s, has been bitten while swimming near Fitzroy Island.

Queensland Ambulance confirmed the attack happened just after midday on Tuesday.

“Paramedics and the rescue helicopter is responding to a reported shark bite on Fitzroy Island at 12.08pm,” a QAS spokesperson said.

“A patient is reported to have suffered leg injuries.”

Their condition is unknown at this stage.

More to come.

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