Brian Martin resigns as Royal Commissioner into NT juvenile detention

Brian Martin has resigned from his role as Royal Commissioner into Northern Territory juvenile detention less than a week after being appointed to the position.

Justice Martin announced he would be standing down from the position at a press conference this morning.

His resignation comes after questions were raised over his daughter’s employment by the former Northern Territory Labor Government.


“In resigning, I need to be clear about a few matters,” Justice Martin said.

“Firstly, my resignation does not imply that I doubt my capacity to be both independent and competent in the role of the Commissioner.

“Nor does it imply that I accept that there is or would be a reasonable apprehension of bias.

“Secondly, my resignation does not imply any criticism of the Government, Prime Minister or the Attorney-General.

“They have demonstrated a deep concern about the issues involved and a desire to proceed efficiently and appropriately. No-one could have reasonably anticipated the matters that have been raised with respect to me personally.

“Both the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General have expressed their disappointment about my decision but they also appreciate my reasons and have been very supportive of me.”