Bring in the nets! Council steps up search for stonefish in Gold Coast lake

NETS will be dragged through Evandale Lake on the Gold Coast to try and capture a potentially deadly stonefish after specialist marine divers failed to find the creature last week.

The fish was first spotted floating near the surface of the murky waters on July 18. The popular lake has been fenced off and closed to the public ever since.

After attempts to capture the deadly fish were unsuccessful, Council is now moving to phase two of the operation.


“We have engaged a professional team to net the lake in an attempt to capture this stonefish,” said Cr Gary Baildon.

“All species netted will be identified and potentially dangerous marine animals will be removed.”

The netting will start next week and is expected to take seven days. The lake will remain closed during this time.

“We are working hard to ensure the lake is safe for swimming before reopening it to the public,” said Cr Baildon.