Bring your furry friends along in the new ‘Uber Pet’

Good news fellow lovers of woofers and meowers, you can now take your pets and pooches with you in an Uber!

Uber Pet is launching in cities around Australia today, to ensure you can cart your best friend around town with you.

Following successful trials in Sydney and Brisbane, Uber Pet is now available on the Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Wollongong and Darwin.


It’s not bad for drivers wanting to make a bit extra too, with the the trip to add a $6-7 ‘pet fee’ on top of the standard ride fare.

But of course, if you’re travelling with a service animal, Uber is urging you to continue using the regular Uber option.

Assistance animals are legally allowed to go everywhere their owner goes.

Uber General Manager Dom Taylor says it was a no brainer to get Uber Pet up and running.

“We had an incredibly positive response from our trial of Uber Pet in Brisbane and Sydney, from riders and drivers alike, so it was a no brainer to bring Uber Pet to more cities across Australia,” Mr Taylor said.

“It was clear that for many pet owners, especially those without their own car, simple things like taking their pet to the vet or visiting friends and family could be a real challenge.

“Based on the feedback from riders, most were using Uber Pet to take their pet to an unexpected vet visit or just to the park, especially during lockdown.

“Having the option of taking an Uber with your pet is a great win for pet owners – and it’s a great win for pets.

“At Uber, we are all about transforming the way people move and making our cities and towns more accessible – and Uber Pet is one way we can help do that.

“We also let driver-partners know this product was coming a couple of weeks back so that those drivers who didn’t want to provide pet trips could opt out,” he said.

So, where you taking your furry friend to first?

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