Bringing a smile to the Gold Coast dial

I HAVE this weird fascination with Days of the Year. It is a website that tells me useless facts about what is being celebrated around the world on any given day.

There have been some real corkers over the course of the past year: ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ was a winner with the kids back in February.

‘Thank God It’s Monday Day’ was in June but personally I can’t think of a whole lot of reasons to celebrate that.


‘Late For Something Day’ only just passed in September. It was awesome for a person like me – I had a valid and unique excuse lined up for one day at least.

Tomorrow just happens to be World Smile Day – a whole day committed to smiles and kindness towards others.

World Smile Day was established in 1999 by Harvey Ball – the same guy who designed the iconic smiley face graphic – and is celebrated on the first Friday in October. The commercial artist only got paid $45 for his design back in the 60’s but it has become a universal symbol of happiness.

Just like the story behind the symbol, a smile costs very little to give but it can make a big difference.

It got me thinking about what acts of kindness would touch the hearts of Gold Coasters and bring a smile to their dial.

Complimentary parking receipts with an hour of paid parking left in the meter boxes – better yet, a ten minute grace period with the parking inspector.

Our theme parks uniting to offer free babysitting citywide so adults everywhere can enjoy a date night and adult company.

Arranging green lights for the entire length of Bermuda Street on the way to and from work.

A weekend day with sunny skies and cranking surf – is it too much to ask that they co-exist?

The garbage collector personally collecting the wheelie bin that you forgot to leave out so you don’t miss it for the week.

A complimentary bindi removal from your yard and favourite park so your kids and pets can play outside in bare feet.

Customised Groupon or Entertainment Book vouchers so you can choose the service or product you would like a great deal on – and the discount.

A guaranteed good news day about our flailing sporting teams – or at the very least, a bad news free day.

I may have got a little carried away dreaming here but it made me smile and that makes it a good warm up for tomorrow.

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