Brisbane border-dodger pays hefty price for buying a fishing rod on the Tweed

A BRISBANE man has found himself out of pocket close to $8,000 after driving down to the Tweed to buy a fishing rod on Father’s Day.

Queensland Police have revealed the 43-year-old man was denied entry at the border checkpoint in Tweed Heads on Sunday as he didn’t have the authorisation to travel in and out of the state.

Brisbane falls outside of the “border bubble” which allows some freer travel without having to quarantine.


“He’s then tried to go through another area with a false pass so we’ve had to take action against that person,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told ABC Radio on Monday.

He was issued with a $4,003 infringement notice and will now have to pay for a flight back into Queensland where he will then spend 14 days in hotel quarantine at a cost of around $2,800.

He was one of three people who were handed COVID-19 infringement notices on Sunday.

“By and large people are doing the right thing,” Chief Supt. Wheeler said.

“It’s just the people who think the rules don’t apply to them, it’s incredibly expensive for them.

“To do something like driving interstate just to purchase a fishing rod and then thinking you can come back in, it’s unfortunate for that person but the rules are there for a reason and that’s to try and stop the spread of COVID-19 into Queensland.”

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I hope he got a good deal on the rod, its turned into an expensive exercise.
But take a step back, who has he actually hurt here? What increased risk has he posed?
Thousands of people in the bubble cross the border do it everyday legally, just because he is just outside the bubble, makes him different?
The rules are quite draconian and not really based on any common sense.
The steps he has to take now to get home are also stupid, he should at least be able to be escorted to a hotel for quarantine, the whole idea of having to go to Ballina, get a flight to Brisbane, do hotel quarantine, get his car transported back to him is insane.

I will trust medical experts before some bogan on the internet!

The border closure isn’t based on medical advice. Experts worldwide
(including here in Australia) in virology, medicine and epidemiology have stated that border closures are not the way to go and do not really provide protection against the virus.

This is all politics, political pandering by Palaszczuk for the vote in Oct. You want to know the true character of your politicians, see if they do what’s right and best for their electoral district or what’s best for them for re-election. In this case, Palaszczuk is doing what’s best for her re-election chances by catering to everyone’s fear and keeping the borders closed despite it devastating millions of people psychologically and economically. She is not doing the right thing.

It’s terrible really and almost criminal. This fishing rod guy and everyone else that has been financially and otherwise effected by this sham border closure should look into a class action lawsuit against the Palaszczuk gov’t for wrongful infringements, as they are a result of an inappropriate and politically driven border closure that is not medically supported by the majority of relevant experts.

Whatever our Premiers motives you cannot argue with the results. We have low levels of cases in Qld & I am happy to keep it that way whatever it takes.

Sorry but he knew the rules and he tried to use a false pass. He deliberately chose to risk breaking them and he has paid a hefty penalty. I agree the costs involved are excessive, but it might give a clear message to any other idiots thinking of doing something similar. What a pity there are no stores in the entire state of Queensland that sell fishing rods

I live in the border zone QLD and want to visit friends in the border zone in NSW. If someone from elsewhere in NSW (outside the border zone) is also there, am I eligible for a border pass so can I return to home to QLD without quarantine?