Brisbane bus drivers refusing payment as part of strike action

Commuters could nab a cheap trip in Brisbane today and tomorrow with bus drivers refusing fare payment as part of an ongoing pay dispute with the Brisbane City Council.

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) told the council they would not be accepting fares on Tuesday and Wednesday this week,  as part of their industrial action.

RTBU’s Tom Brown said drivers will continue to campaign until a fair outcome is reached.


“We’re hopeful of getting  an agreement in the next day or two, we’re inching towards it but we’ll get there slowly and surely,” he said.

This will be the fifth strike in the last month and is estimated, by the Union, to cost Translink about $2 million in revenue as negotiations continue.

Unions have been battling with council about work and pay conditions. They will both meet again on Tuesday to try and negotiate a new agreement.