Brisbane company strikes deal to sell at-home Covid test kits to US

Great news for a Brisbane based company, landing a massive deal with the United States for their at-home Covid tests.

Ellume Health was granted approval by America’s FDA overnight, allowing the product to be sold in the US.

The contract is worth a whopping $303 million, which will go a long way to support the local manufacturer.


Ellume Founder Doctor Sean Parsons has told Channel 7 the tests can give results in just 15 minutes.

“Our test is a lot faster and a lot cheaper and able to be distributed to people in the community.

“It’s accuracy is pretty good at 96 percent, it’s almost as good as the lab tests.

“And the real value of our product is in those environments where Covid has overpassed the ability of labs to keep up,’ Doctor Parsons said.

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Good luck to them.
Covid is the new climate change cash cow though!
$100s of millions have been dished out by government to research and come up with a vaccine.
Our universities are full or free loading biologists etc. who are getting grants left right and centre to shuffle test tubes around with little hope of finding anything.