Police Officer

Brisbane man shot by police remains in hospital

A Woodridge man who was shot in the shoulder by police remains in a serious but stable condition at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.

On Sunday, police were called to a property where the 72-year-old man , who’s reportedly a Vietnam War veteran with mental issues, allegedly confronted officers brandishing knives before he was shot.

Queensland Police have not confirmed whether the incident was caught on the officer’s body cameras.


It is standard practice for these cameras to be activated before responding to events.

The Queensland Police Union has defended the actions of the officer who was in a “dangerous situation”, they added he was a firearms training officer with 15 years’ experience.

Yesterday, Police Inspector Jim Plowman said the officer fired one shot which hit the man in the right shoulder.

“The officer had no option other than to discharge his firearm,” he said.

“It’s very upsetting for the officer involved.”