Brisbane man slugged thousands for driving to Byron Bay to ‘clear his head’

A Brisbane man will be forced to fork out close to $7,000 after trying to re-enter the state after driving down to Byron Bay to ‘clear his head’.

Police stopped the man’s vehicle at the border checkpoints on the Gold Coast around 5pm on Sunday.

It’s believed the driver thought it was okay for him to drive back into Queensland because he had a ‘G pass’.


“A G pass is like a unicorn on the road. You cannot drive into Queensland with a G pass,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told ABC Radio.

“He told police he’d simply driven down to the Byron Bay area to clear his head.

“He was given the appropriate advice by our border staff which was, unfortunately for him, he had to go to an airport, fly back into Queensland and quarantine for 14 days at his own expense.”

The man was then busted at the Griffith Street checkpoint in Coolangatta an hour and a half later trying to get in again.

“When we encounter these people who turn up with either the wrong story or the wrong pass, we flag them in our system, and of course he was identified,” Chief Supt. Wheeler said.

He was then handed a $4,003 fine.

The man will also have to pay around $2,800 for the 14-day hotel quarantine and well as the cost of a flight into the state and the cost of retrieving his own car, which had to be left on the other side of the border.

“That’s the other issue people probably don’t think about,” Wheeler said.

“Getting your vehicle back is your problem, it’s your expense.

“I imagine he’ll have to engage a towing contractor and that’s not going to be cheap.

“So that was a very expensive way to clear his head.”

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So when he used a G pass to cross into NSW, the cops didn’t tell him it was a one way ride? BS. So the tow truck driver can drive on the road from NSW into QLD, without 14 days in a motel, but the owner has to cross the border via air? BS. And they wonder why protests happen.

The police don’t stop cars driving into NSW so they would not have been able to tell him anything. Everyone has been told the rules no excuses for not knowing has been on the news for ages.

Should of wore a AFL jersey and carried a set of golf clubs.
Would of been waved straight through!

And tell em your makin a movie

Would have, not would of….

So I can no longer go to the second hand furniture store at Tweed Heads, or partake in the Tweed Heads PCYC market because I live in Southport, without firstly self quarantining for 2 weeks?

If you’re in southport, you are part of the bubble. All this information has been readily available for months.