Brisbane motorists told to expect delays from peak-hour CBD protest

Anyone heading into Brisbane this morning is being warned of heavy delays, with a protest scheduled to take place within the CBD.

Protesters will demonstrate for the second time within a week, against the detention of 120 asylum seekers at a Kangaroo Point hotel.

They’re planning to block peak hour traffic within the CBD area, along the busy George and Adelaide Streets.


The demonstration is expected to start around 8.00am, causing mayhem for those trying to get to work.

Six people were arrested and charged after similar demonstrations on Saturday, when around 400 people marched through streets surrounding the Kangaroo Point Hotel.

Four men and two women were accused of 12 offences including public nuisance and disrupting traffic.

While two of the group had glued their hands to the roadway.

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Send the asylum seekers back to detention centers or to their own countries.
This will stop the silly protests and save the tax payers money.
The protests are an excuse to get these people into the country through the back door and then go onto the welfare system for life.