Brisbane on track for eased restrictions this Friday, after no new local cases

Queensland Health authorities are confident that Brisbane will be eased out of restrictions as planned this Friday, after no new local cases were recorded overnight.

The Greater Brisbane area was asked to wear masks while out and about, and significantly limit their gathering numbers over a 10 day period following the city’s three-day lockdown.

It was all sparked over the potential outbreak of the highly-infectious UK strain of the virus, which escaped hotel quarantine through a cleaner.


Her partner subsequently tested positive, before authorities linked that virus to two other people within the hotel.

Over the last two weeks, more than 400 close contacts of the cleaner and her partner have had to isolate and get tested.

While over 350 people linked to the Grand Chancellor Hotel had to quarantine as well.

There have since been no new local infections recorded within Brisbane. It’s a good sign that the virus was not able to spread through the community.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says if we continue like this, restrictions will be lifted on Brisbane from Friday.

“So this is again really, really good news and, of course, we’re waiting until Friday morning, 1:00am.

“If we keep this track happening now, it’s more than likely that all of those restrictions will be removed by Friday.

“So a few more days to go, but thank you to everyone who’s been doing the right thing especially with the mask-wearing and listening to what you can do and you can’t do,” Premier Palasczcuk said.

The Chief Health Officer echoed the Premier’s sentiments, but also hinted that Queenslanders should consider wearing masks going forward as well.

“Thank you to everyone who’s been following all of those restrictions in Greater Brisbane and in particular wearing masks,” Doctor Jeanette Young said.

“I think it’s a really good habit we should all get into that if you’re in a crowded space, if you can’t maintain social distancing, that you really wear a mask, particularly on public transport and if you’re going into any shopping centres.

“I think that will help us all as we go forward,” she said.

Meantime, the police investigation into how the virus was able to get out of quarantine is continuing.

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski says they’re still interviewing people.

“There are several hundred people that are in the process of being interviewed, we are working through that.

“We’re waiting for the final results on the environmental swabs and testing of air conditioning.

“That’s a very meticulous investigation, we’re being extremely thorough. We’re still not seeing anything obvious that causes us concern.

“And I have to say that the Grand Chancellor Hotel should be commended, because they’ve not only be so willing to assist with the investigation, but the investigation to date has shown that they have done everything they should have done,” Gollschewski said.

There was just one new infection recorded in Queensland overnight, in a return overseas traveller from Brazil who’s in hotel quarantine.

There are 25 cases considered active around the state.

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Oh good.
Maybe you can now invite some international tennis players to come visit QLD!!!

Really hoping the mask thing become a choice. Wearing those things for 8 hours a day in a job where there’s a lot of physical work in this heat, is absolutely horrible. Seen a lot of tempers flaring and morale is down