Brisbane restrictions eased as Qld escapes potential COVID-19 outbreak

Restrictions on medical facilities across Greater Brisbane will come to an end at midday today with health authorities confident the city has escaped a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

Hospitals, aged care and disability facilities had been under harsh restrictions for nearly a week after it was revealed a doctor had contracted COVID-19 from a patient she was treating at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Over 650 contacts of the doctor have since been tested and 99 per cent of the results have been processed and all have come back negative.


Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, said authorities had got on top of the situation very quickly.

“This has been the textbook response,” she said.

“We can now go back and open our aged care facilities for the weekend so they will open their day today so I hope people plan on going and visiting their loved ones in aged care,” Dr Jeanette Young said.

Dr Young also confirmed there was no evidence of any failures or breaches at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, where the original COVID-19 positive case was detected, before spreading to another returned traveller staying on the same floor as well as the doctor.

“I just don’t know how it has happened,” Dr Young said.

“The hotel is a superb hotel with a really good system in place and have some of the best CCTV footage ever.

“I personally have seen these stills from that footage and cannot see that there has been any way of transmission.

“The positive case was in a room at one end of the corridor with the vent for that corridor outside that room. The case that actually got infected was right down the other end of the corridor.

“There were a lot of rooms in between, which is why I am very grateful that those people have understood the need to have to remain in quarantine for longer because I don’t understand how it has gone from that room to room and those people haven’t got it.

“Those two individuals did not step outside the doors of their rooms and no-one went into those rooms.

“We know that corridors are a problem. The virus can come out of a room and go into the corridor and because of the ventilation system.”

There were another nine cases of COVID-19 detected in Queensland in the last 24 hours, all in hotel quarantine.

There are now 57 active cases across the state.

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