Brisbane restrictions likely to ease as community transmission threat passes

A decision on whether a slight lockdown in Brisbane will be lifted is expected to be announced today.

Restrictions were imposed on hospitals, aged care facilities and disability services almost a week ago after a doctor became infected with coronavirus.

Health authorities and the Premier were confident yesterday that things would be able to ease back, with no community transmission detected so far.


There were concerns that the virus was able to spread on the first floor of the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Brisbane, with that hotel still in lockdown.

Everyone who wasn’t on the first floor during the infectious period has since been allowed to leave.

But those on the first floor will have to complete a second 14 day period as a precaution.

The Brisbane doctor tested positive a week ago today, and apart from the one new case at the Grand Chancellor, there have been no other cases linked to her infection.

Queensland authorities are expected to provide more information later this morning.

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Can we please just get on with organising the Vaccine roll out and stop making excuses