Man charged after triggering eight-hour siege in Brisbane

UPDATE 11:55 AM | A MAN has been charged following an eight-hour stand-off with police in Brisbane overnight.

The 26-year-old was allegedly armed and making threats at a house on Mayrene Street, Carina, around 6.30pm.

Police were called attempted to coax the man out of the house but to no avail.


As a result, an emergency situation under the Public Safety Preservation Act.

Following eight tense hours, the man surrendered to police just after 2.30am.

He was arrested and taken to hospital for assessment.

The Carina man has since been charged with two counts of making threats and one count of wilful damage.

He is due to front Brisbane Magistrates Court later today.

EARLIER: A possible armed standoff, lasting several hours, has ended peacefully in Brisbane on Wednesday morning.

Police declared an emergency situation at an address on Mayrene Street, Carina at 7:16PM on Tuesday night after they were called at 6:35PM.

They were told the man may be armed and a woman was also inside the home.

The standoff finally ended at 2.45AM and both the man and woman are being questioned.