Brisbane woman becomes viral sensation after finding stranger’s wallet

A Brisbane woman has woken up an ‘Aussie Legend’ this morning after video footage of her interrupting a live Channel 9 cross to reunite a stranger with their lost wallet went viral.

The woman was on her way out of Eagle Farm Racecourse after celebrating Melboure Cup Day yesterday when she came across a wallet on the ground.

“I think you need to know somebody has lost three dollars,” she told reporter Phil Willmington in the middle of his live cross.


“Could you return that to the rightful owner?”

Willmington appeared a little taken back, telling the woman: “I probably wouldn’t be able to find them. But if you give it to the security guard…”

However the woman was not giving up -“No, no, no… it’s important” she slurred.

Video footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook almost instantaneously and it went viral within minutes.


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Flan & Emily Jade from 1029 Hot Tomato caught up with the Aussie legend this morning to hear how she felt about her new found fame.

“When you went out yesterday morning to the Melbourne Cup did you think you would be a national known figure by the morning?” Flan asked.

“The funny thing is, I was actually looking at the paper that morning at the write up about the Caulfied Cup – they had loads of pictures of ladies in unlady-like positions and I was like “oh thank god those days are over” and then bam!” she said laughing.

The Brisbane woman, who is a mother and office manager at an environmental company, told the breakfast hosts that as soon as she arrived home from the races her phone would not stop ringing.

“As soon as I came home last night my phone was inundated with hundreds of messages and calls from people.”

“I have two beautiful boys at home, thank god they’re too young to know whats going on!” she exclaimed.

“However they did watch mummy on the TV this morning and they thought that was alright.”

The now-famous wallet, which had nothing but $3 inside, is in the safe hands of security awaiting collection from its mystery owner.