Brittany Higgins signs major book deal for memoir

Former liberal staffer Brittany Higgins has signed a major book deal, following her accusations that she was raped in Parliament House.

Ms Higgins made national news back in February after going public with her sexual assault allegations in Parliament House.

She claims that she was raped by a colleague in the Defence Minister’s Office back in March 2019 and that officials went out of their way to avoid accountability.


Ms Higgins then became the national face for women’s rights, after speaking at the Canberra protest back in March.

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Ms Higgins was introduced to the stage by well-known media personality Lisa Wilkinson, whose husband has since helped Ms Higgins broker a book deal.

She’s now locked in a contract with publishers Penguin Random House Australia reportedly worth around $250,000.

That’s despite two other publishers also vying for the highly-anticipated non-fiction memoir.

It’s understood Ms Higgins has begun writing the manuscript, but it’s not clear when the book will be completed and released.

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Only “accusations ” and gets a book. Thats Pretty pathetic.