Broadbeach’s historic carousel to be torn down for good

The fate of the much loved Broadbeach carousel has finally been decided with City of Gold Coast Council voting today to decommission the historic ride.

But the fun won’t completely disappear from the area, with Council to investigate the cost of installing a new carousel as part of a children’s area in Broadbeach Mall.

Today’s decision was prompted by safety concerns and the soaring cost of maintaining the ageing ride.


The carousel, which is 120 years old is currently run by the Rotary Club.

Councillor Paul Taylor, who represents the Broadbeach area highlighted an incident on the ride earlier this year where one of the horses became detached.

“Councillors I believe we had an incident this year where one of the horses jumped off the post during the ride operations, I believe that,” Councillor Taylor told today’s Council meeting.

“If a child had been riding on that particular horse the injury could have been serious, therefore I believe the Council just should not be in the ride business.”

Councillor Taylor says he “absolutely loves the carousel” but it was too dangerous for it to continue.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates backed the concerns about how safe the ride is.

“There is most definitely a safety concern given that today we’ve been told that despite the inspection and despite it having been signed off, there has been an episode where a horse has jumped off the pole”, Councillor Gates said.

The cost to maintain the carousel has also become an issue as Council forks out more for parts.

“I am not in love with the carousel at all, I think that council should focus on core council business and it doesn’t include operating rides in the Broadbeach Mall,” Councillor Gates said.

“The best value for money is to retire the carousel and protect ratepayers’ dollars.”

The future of the carousel has been under a cloud for some time.

It was shut down in 2007 for a major restoration before reopening in 2009.

Earlier this year Council voted to spend more money repairing the ride, opting to wait until after the Commonwealth Games before deciding its long term future.