Broadwater dredging complete

Dredging of Gold Coast’s Broadwater has been taking place over the past 18 months but is finally finished – just in time for locals and tourists to hit the water this holiday season.

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) spent $5.3 million to dredge the various navigational channels in the Broadwater, with the final stages including areas of The Seaway (South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel). Sand from the dredging was used to replenish beaches in the area.

GCWA Chief Executive Officer Hal Morris says that, through the dredging process, they’ve managed to achieved nominal depths of -4.5m LAT in the South Channel – but that mariners still need to proceed with caution, wherever they are in the navigation network.


“The Broadwater’s navigation channel network is in great condition and, while dredging is not expected to be needed again in the Broadwater in the next financial year, we will monitor it closely,” said Mr Morris.