Broadwater Marine Project: The Spit to be left untouched

THE company wanting to build the $5 billion Broadwater Marine Project has revealed Doug Jennings Park on the Spit will not be touched.

The Gold Coast Bulletin today revealed ASF consortium had finalised plans for the ships to dock on the north-eastern side of Wavebreak Island.

If so, the consortium will no longer need to dig a connecting underwater tunnel to transport passengers from the Spit terminal to their island resorts on Wavebreak Island.


A consortium insider spoke exclusively with the Bulletin, revealing the proposed cruise ship terminal and its accompanying casino would be built on Wavebreak Island, leaving Doug Jennings Park on the Spit protected from further development.

Master Plan

CONCEPT MASTER PLAN: ASF Consortium’s second concept master plan showing the Cruise Ship Terminal on Wavebreak Island. SOURCE: Supplied

“The cruise ship terminal and the casino will be on Wavebreak Island. The manoeuvrability capacity of these boats is such that they can do that. There is a 500m spinning circle, it can be done,” the consortium insider told the Bulletin.

“We won’t do anything with Doug Jennings Park other than clean it up and make it a proper front door for the Broadwater.”

Read more at the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Terminal plans

LANDSCAPE MASTER PLAN: ASF Consortium proposal, including two options for cruise ship terminal location. See key below. SOURCE: Supplied


A1 – Re-vegetation and planting strategy to attract more bird roosting and marine wildlife
A2 – Propagation and study of marine, tidal and coastal habitats


B1 – (Option 1) Cruise ship terminal integrated with Doug Jennings Park and creation of an amphitheatre and improved events park
B2 – Continuous waterfront promenade along the entire outer waterfront and bay
B3 – Separation of the ‘peninsula’ from Doug Jennings Park to improve water flushing
B4 – Enhanced landscape for Philip Park and new paths connecting the inland bay to the ocean
B5 – Enhanced streetscape
B6 – Urban waterfront promenades and plazas with formal day time and night time activities and marina berthing


C1 Central Spine: As the main green spine of Wave Break Island, Central Spine extends from Celebration Square all the way to Sunrise point at the northeast corner of the island. Completely public and easily accessible to residents and visitors, it provides the link and recreational space to bring people out to one of the best spots in the Broadwater at Sunset Point. The Central Park is generous in size but appropriately scaled to maintain a sense of intimacy and place
C2 Sunrise Point: (Option 2) Cruise ship terminal. Terminating at the northeast corner of Wave Break Central Spine, is the existing outcropping from the original works in the creation of Wave Break Island. Now easily accessible and part of the overall Broadwater and extension of Labrador, this new pavilion will serve as one of the best locations to view the sunset
C3 Culture Park: Sits at the southern tip of the island as the gateway into the Broadwater between The Spit and Wave Break Island. It is a welcome space for spectacular views to Surfers Paradise across the Eco-Marine Park and a space to celebrate the maritime heritage of the Gold Coast
C4 Celebration Square: Large iconic plaza representing the urban centre of the island, marks the point where one ‘has arrived’
C5 Sunset Park and Promenade: Adjacent to the Labrador crossing and as part of the wider island waterfront park system, Sunset Park on the north western tip provides the perfect destination for strolling, jogging and watching the aquatic activities
C6 Eastern Shore Beach: This east-facing, man-made beach will continue to function to absorb wave energy at the seaway mouth, terraced apartments are proposed for the parcels behind the beach not only commanding distant views to the open sea but also mitigating the effects of afternoon shadows on the beach
C7 Northern Shore: Created by extending the existing shoreline by over 50%, a 1km north-facing and publicly accessible waterfront will be created. Two beachfront resorts at this prime location may become one of the most sought after destinations with calm waters, sunset views surrounded by a range of accommodation types
C8 New Moon Island: Off-shore to the north, the existing sand bars are proposed to be slightly reshaped to create an exclusive destination of bungalows for day trippers

Terminal night

NIGHT BEAUTY: Artists impression of the proposed plans at night – released on April 22, 2014. SOURCE: Supplied

Gold Coast residents are invited to find out more and share their views on proposed plans for the Broadwater Marine Project by visiting or calling the project line on 1800 483 261, open 9am-5pm weekdays.