Broadwater Parklands a huge success for Gold Coast Show

Day one of the Gold Coast Show was a roaring success, with the massive crowds and good times expected to continue today and tomorrow.

Over 10,000 show bags were sold, with fears some could even sell out as early as midday today (Bertie Beatle – nooooo).

Organisers don’t have exact figures yet, though they’re confident more people are flocking to the Broadwater Parklands than last year.


Gold Coast Show CEO Lavino Rampino told myGC, having everything in one place has made a huge difference this year.

“People are loving the fact that everything’s on one location, they’re getting used to where everything is,” Ms Rampino said.

With the added area in the north though, Ms Rampino says it is a bit of a walk to do it all.

“But it is free, so people are going ‘oh look, I’ll come back tomorrow and look at something else’.

“And it’s been great, really well behaved crowds, just fantastic,” Ms Rampino said.

There’s even a free train that runs from the south to the north so that people don’t have to do so much walking.

“We put a little train that goes from the pier to the equestrian to move people up and down, and people are loving that, just jumping on like ‘great I don’t have to walk the extra mile’.

“It means that the elderly and the little kids could just jump on and go have a look at the arts or the circus.

Even after the first day, Ms Rampino says there are some tweaks to make for next year, but says organisers got more right than wrong.

“The southern side was okay because we did it last year.

“The northern was  bit of a new playground… The horses worked well, we were worried about the parking, but that’s been fantastic.

“We didn’t have the cattle this year, just simply because we wanted to get the horses right, so we’re looking at how we can accommodate that for next year.

“The wood chop might go in a different location.

“All those little things you see once it’s all in place… how people are moving and walking,” Ms Rampino said.

After a fun-filled first day, organisers and operators are hopeful for a big weekend.

The gates open up for day two at 9.00am.