Broncos’ Payne Haas sentenced over foul-mouthed police tirade

Brisbane Broncos star Payne Haas has managed to escape conviction for using offensive language and intimidating police at Tweed Heads last month.

The 21-year-old was instead handed a two-year good behaviour bond over his run-in with police, which occurred at the Jack Evans Boat Harbour on January 16.

Following the sentencing at Tweed Heads Local Court, Haas released a statement apologising for his “totally unacceptable” actions.


“I take full responsibility for what happened and I’m extremely sorry for my actions on that night,” the former Keebra Park student said.

Court documents show Haas allegedly told officers “Don’t come near me or I’ll f**king jab ya, on my mother’s life I will,” when they tried to approach him.

“You got your badge on you and you think you’re a f**king tough c**t,” the NSW origin prop said.

In a statement, released by the Broncos a short time ago, Haas confirmed he has since made amends with the responding officers.

“I have gone to see the police officers involved and offered them a full apology for my conduct, as well as spending time with police going through what I did,” he said.

“I had been drinking and the words I used and the way I acted were totally unacceptable. I’d like to thank the police for taking the time to see me, and accepting my apology.

“I did the wrong thing and let myself down as well as my family and the Club – but most importantly, I acted in way that showed disrespect to the police, and I am really sorry for that.”

Broncos CEO Paul White said the Club was working with the NRL Integrity Unit on finalising the matter.

“Payne’s behaviour was disappointing and not acceptable… he knows he has done the wrong thing and has taken ownership of his actions, and apologised in person to the police involved as well as sitting with them to run through his behaviour on that night,” Mr White said.

“Those steps, off his own bat, show that Payne wants to be better and improve as a person, and we will  continue to work with Payne to ensure he sure he continues to receive the support and education that he needs.”

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