Flan, Emily Jade and Christo with Brooke

Brooke Hanson to make a splash with Flan and Christo on 1029 Hot Tomato

With local radio presenter Emily Jade and her family expecting their new arrival any day now, Gold Coasters will soon hear a different voice alongside Flan & Christo on 1029 Hot Tomato.

Swimming star Brooke Hanson, Olympic gold and silver medallist and one of Australia’s most recognised Olympians, will join Flan and Christo for Breakfast weekday mornings from 5am while Emily Jade takes maternity leave.

Brooke is no stranger to early alarms after years of swimming training, and as a Gold Coaster and 1029 Hot Tomato listener she said she was excited to fill in for Emily Jade.


“After years of 4am wakeup calls in the quest for Olympic glory, I look forward to the new challenge of early starts for breakfast radio with Flan & Christo while Emily Jade is away, I can’t wait to connect with the Gold Coast each morning on Hot Tomato,” said Brooke.

Emily Jade with Brooke

Emily Jade, Brooke Hanson | PHOTO: 1029 Hot Tomato

Emily Jade said locals will love waking up with Brooke in her absence.

“I’m thrilled Brooke has agreed to fly the flag for me during my maternity leave,” said Emily Jade O’Keefe.

“She is going to rock being on air, and I can’t thank her enough for setting the 4am alarms, and spending mornings with two of the best people I know, Flan and Christo.”

1029 Hot Tomato’s Chief Executive Officer, Graham Miles, said he was delighted that Brooke will be joining the Hot Tomato on-air line-up.

“She is a true champion both in and out of the pool, and a perfect stand-in to keep Flan and Christo afloat in Emily Jade’s absence,” he said.

“I would also like to wish Emily Jade, her husband Gerard all the best for the arrival of their new child and sibling for Millie Valentine.”

Learn more about Brooke in the video below: